In 2016 members of the Herefordshire Aero Club erected a memorial for those that had served at RAF Shobdon during World War 2. Having fundraised for the actual memorial, they had no funding left for landscaping the memorial site.

  • Create a LinkedIn article to promote all sponsors and to raise the profile of the project

  • Liaised with Corporate sponsors

  • Prospect researched potential donors

  • Solicited large donations

  • Organised all media coverage, including radio interviews and TV coverage by BBC Hereford and Worcester

  • Donor stewardship

  • Organised a volunteer memorial site landscaping day

“Liz offered her help on a pro bono basis and almost instantly solved all of our problems. She not only found some wonderful companies to donate the actual plants, shrubs and hedging, but also brought on board volunteer experts in the horticultural field including some RHS Gold medal winners. Liz organised a planting day and it was a truly memorable occasion. It was very hard work but everyone had a wonderful time. Liz had also arranged  wide media coverage and this was greatly appreciated by the hard-working volunteers.


Liz also arranged for a local company to develop and make a story board about RAF Shobdon as well as finding a very generous company to donate 6 tons of beautiful pebbles to enhance the site.


Liz’s enthusiasm and her ability to motivate those around her is remarkable. She puts everything into a project and people respond to this. Liz is extremely practical and, although a born diplomat, she will very quickly spot when something isn’t right and will ensure that it is put right very quickly. I would recommend Liz Parker in anything she does because I know that she will do it well and that it will be a success.”

ROBERT WALTERS Herefordshire Aero Club 

Shobdon Radio Interview